How to search for a job

Here at Maono Careers we try and make sure apply for a job is a smooth as possible. One o the ways we do that is by making sure you can find the job you’re looking for without any fuss. That’s why our job search functionality is very intuitive ad most importantly, very accurate. Just type the role you want e.g. Accountant or Nurse etc and hit the search! It’s that simple. See the video below for proof.

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  1. Shade more light how to go with this Web site and how it can help me to find a job in my field
    I am a job seeker of Administration jobs.

    Thank you

    • Hi Grace, head over to our jobs actions and see what jobs are available. CLick apply once you find any job that you like. If you can find any, then check back in a few days as we’re constantly adding jobs every day.

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