How to apply for a job

With Maono Careers, the job application process has never been easier. Simply search for the job you want, make sure you’re signed in, upload your credentials and click apply! We’re building the best place for jobs in Zambia and that doesn’t just mean having the highest number of jobs. It means making the process as smooth and painless for job seekers s possible.


The video below demonstrates just how simple it is for you to apply for a job with us.

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  1. I want to finish the application I started applying as a finance assistant. How do I complete the application I received the mail that I should complete my application. Thanking you in advance.

    • Hi Blessing, which role was it exactly? If you received an email, it might have been a warning that the application deadline is approaching, so it may have passed by now.

  2. Have managed to register but am not seeing where it’s written apply for the job as a graduate trainee

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